pywinauto_recorder.player.send_keys(str_keys, pause=0.1, with_spaces=True, with_tabs=True, with_newlines=True, turn_off_numlock=True, vk_packet=True)[source]

Parses the keys and type them You can use any Unicode characters (on Windows) and some special keys. See

  • str_keys (str) – string representing the keys to be typed

  • pause (float) – pause in seconds between each typed key

  • with_spaces (bool) – if False spaces are not taken into account

  • with_tabs (bool) – if False tabs are not taken into account

  • with_newlines (bool) – if False newlines are not taken into account

  • turn_off_numlock (bool) – if True numlock is turned off

  • vk_packet (bool) – For Windows only, pywinauto defaults to sending a virtual key packet (VK_PACKET) for textual input

Return type