This module contains functions to replay a sequence of user actions automatically.


click([element_path, duration, mode, …])

Clicks on element

double_left_click(element_path[, duration, …])

Double left clicks on element

drag_and_drop(element_path1, element_path2)

Drags and drop with left button pressed from element_path1 to element_path2.

exists(element_path[, timeout])

Tests if en UI_Element exists.

find([element_path, timeout])

Finds an element


Returns the full element path associated to the shortcut defined in the previously loaded dictionary

left_click(element_path[, duration, mode, …])

Left clicks on element

load_dictionary(filename_key, filename_def)

Loads a dictionary

menu_click(element_path, menu_path[, …])

Clicks on menu item.

middle_drag_and_drop(element_path1, …[, …])

Drags and drop with middle button pressed from element_path1 to element_path2.

mouse_wheel(steps[, pause])

Turns the mouse wheel up or down.

move(element_path[, duration, mode, timeout])

Moves on element

right_click(element_path[, duration, mode, …])

Right clicks on element

right_drag_and_drop(element_path1, element_path2)

Drags and drop with right button pressed from element_path1 to element_path2.

select_file(element_path, full_path[, …])

Selects a file in an already opened file dialog.

send_keys(str_keys[, pause, with_spaces, …])

Parses the keys and type them You can use any Unicode characters (on Windows) and some special keys.

set_combobox(element_path, value[, …])

Sets the value of a combobox.

set_text(element_path, value[, duration, …])

Sets the value of a text field.


Returns the shortcut path associated to the shortcut defined in the previously loaded dictionary

triple_left_click(element_path[, duration, …])

Triple left clicks on element


wait_is_ready_try1(wrapper[, timeout])

Waits until element is ready (wait while greyed, not enabled, not visible, not ready, …) : So far, I didn’t find better than wait_cpu_usage_lower when greyed but must be enhanced



An enumeration.


Region([relative_path, regex_title])


alias of pywinauto_recorder.player.Region