pywinauto_recorder.player.find(element_path=None, regex=False, timeout=None)[source]

Finds the element matching element_path.

This function is called in all the other functions (click(), move(), …) that require to search an element. To significantly increase search performance, the user can enable a cache with ‘Player.Setting.use_cache = True’. When the cache is active, it is sometimes necessary to empty it with the find_cache_clear() function.

Example of code using the ‘find’ function:
from pywinauto_recorder.player import UIPath, find
with UIPath("RegEx: .* Google Chrome$||Pane"):
        find().set_focus()  # Set focus to the Google Chrome window.

The code above will set focus to the Google Chrome window. The find() function is used to find the Pywinauto wrapper of the window. It will work only if the window is not minimized.

  • element_path (Union[str, UIAWrapper, NewType()(UI_Coordinates, (float, float)), None]) – element path

  • regex (bool) – The parameter ‘regex’ is deprecated. Please use the new RegEx syntax of UIPath!

  • timeout (Optional[float]) – duration in seconds that will be allowed to find the element

Return type



Pywinauto wrapper of found element


FailedSearch – if the element is not found