pywinauto_recorder.player.select_file(window_path, full_path, force_slow_path_typing=False)[source]

Selects a file in an already opened file dialog.

Example of code using ‘select_file’:
from pywinauto_recorder.player import select_file

select_file("Document - WordPad||Window->Open||Window", "Documents/file.txt")

To make this code work, you must first launch ‘WordPad’ and click on ‘File->Open’.

  • window_path (Union[str, UIAWrapper, NewType()(UI_Coordinates, (float, float))]) – window path of the file dialog (e.g. “Untitled - Paint||Window->Save As||Window”

  • full_path (str) – the full path of the file to select

  • force_slow_path_typing (bool) – if True it will type the path even if the current path of the dialog box is the same

as the file to select :raises FailedSearch: if an element is not found

Return type