Contributing to Pywinauto recorder

You are here to help on Pywinauto recorder? Awesome, feel welcome and read the following sections in order to know how to ask questions and how to work on something.

All members of our community are expected to follow our Code of Conduct. Please make sure you are welcoming and friendly in all of our spaces.

Get in touch

  • Ask usage questions (“How do I?”) on StackOverflow.

  • Report bugs, suggest features or view the source code on GitHub.

Contributing to development

If you want to deep dive and help out with development on Pywinauto recorder, then first get the project installed locally. After that is done we suggest you have a look at tickets in our issue tracker that are labelled Good First Issue. These are meant to be a great way to get a smooth start and won’t put you in front of the most complex parts of the system.

If you are up to more challenging tasks with a bigger scope, then there are a set of tickets with a Enhancement tag. These tickets have a general overview and description of the work required to finish. If you want to start somewhere, this would be a good place to start.

When contributing code, then please follow the standard Contribution Guidelines set forth at

Contributing to documentation

Documentation for Pywinauto recorder itself is hosted at

At there are guidelines around writing and formatting documentation for the project.